Our Team

It is important to work with people you trust. We aspire to build that trust with all of our clients.

Our Management Team:

Paul SakerManaging Director:Paul Saker

Paul founded the Buildwise Construction Group in 2005 following a long career in the building trade. He is phenomenally committed and driven and this dedication has helped grow the company to where it is today. Paul remains actively involved in most of our projects and will often be found on the ground and on site due to his wealth of construction knowledge and ability to solve problems, quickly!


Richard ShepherdRichard ShepherdQuantity Surveyor:

Richard is our dedicated Quantity Surveyor who prices and surveys our larger projects. Starting his career in civil engineering, Richard went on to specialise in quantity surveying and ensures the tight financial management of our projects. His attention to detail is second to none.


Our Tradespeople:

We use teams of known and trusted tradesmen from the UK, Romania and elsewhere. Those that work hard, care about their work and deliver quality results will always be part of our team.

We all look after our people and work together to deliver the best results for our clients.

All our skilled tradesmen are fully qualified and certified where required.